All your Tools
One-click away

Bring all your business tools to Google Workspace.
Start leveraging your data and business workflow right within Gmail, Google Sheets and Google Drive.


Get the right context from your tools directly within your Gmail inbox.

Google Sheets

Easily import, export and synchronize data from your tools with Google Sheets.

Increase the productivity of Sales, Operation and Marketing teams

Integrated with your tools

Bring more context to your Gmail inbox

Workspace Automation lets you connect with a selection of CRM, form, note and productivity tools to give you the right context when reading or writing an email in Gmail.
On top of the added context you’ll gain, you can also perform action in your tool right from the side bar of your Gmail inbox.

Contact details, at a glance

Bring all of your tools right inside your Gmail inbox. Provide faster and more precise answers to your leads and customers – increase conversions and engagement.

Actions, at your fingertips

No more switching tabs to find your tool and adjust a customer's information. View all your tools data inside your Gmail inbox, create new contacts, update deals, and share your success with your team!


Get workflow suggestions based on the client context and your organization processes. It has never been this easy to find the right tool and action to complete what you planned to do.

Unequaled data privacy

Privacy by design – executed within your own Google Workspace domain. None of your data ever leaves your Google account. All your data is exchanged directly between the add-on, hosted in your Google domain, and your tools.

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